About Us

Premium Gaming

Cylib™ is committed to operating our gaming services on only the most reliable and quickest servers available. We've spent countless hours ensuring that our players get a premium experience when they join our community. We don't cut corners and guarantee that our players will encounter the most optimal gameplay when they join one of our servers.

Custom Content

We aren't your typical copy and paste gaming server. Our custom addons are built from the ground up to give you the most unique experience out of all other servers. We employ only premium addons that have passed rigorous testing that ensures that they are not only balanced for gameplay but run at optimal performance for you, our players.

Freedom Ensured

We started from the drawing board and reinvented the rules that our servers are guided by. Our objective is to empower gamers to play without the bureaucracy and heavy regulation found on all other gaming servers. We don't impose unnecessary rules, we don't censor our members, and we will never regulate how you play.

Our Staff Team

Professional Team

We employ only the most professional staff that have been trained and tested to go above and beyond expectations. We do this because we know that a staff team can make or break a community.

Priority Support

Even when our staff is offline, we guarantee you that we will have a staff member come online when an issue arises on of our servers.

Objectively Better

Our staff members are trained to use only the best tools so that they can service our servers effectively and efficiently.